Lamp #455 Miniature - 10-pack


Ten-bulb box of #455 high quality Eiko miniature lamps

For longer lamp life and reduced power consumption, we recommended use the 05-455-WWB warm white blinker or 05-455- CWB cool white blinker bulb listed in related items below.

Automatic blinking lamps used in many backboxes for decorative effects and as part of timer circuits on electromechanical games.


  • Volts: 6.5V
  • Amps: .5A
  • Base: Bayonet
  • Bulb: G-4 1/2


  • Stern #165-5003-00
  • Gottlieb #LA1
  • Williams 24-6591
  • 05-455-WWB
  • 05-455-CWB

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