WPC Power Driver board rebuild kit


12 piece electronic component rebuild kit for the Bally / Williams WPC pinball System part # A-12697-1, A-12697-3, A-12697-4 boards.

Kit includes 5 bridge rectifiers and 7 capacitors that commonly fail due to age and cause various game symptoms such as intermittent resetting.

Kit includes:

  • KBPC3504W(5 pieces) BR1, BR2, BR3, BR4, BR5
  • C15KM25VR capacitors (5 pieces) C5, C6, C&, C11
  • C100M200VR capacitor (1 piece) C8
  • C100M25VR capacitor (1 piece) C2


  • WPC-PDA12697X
  • A-12697-1 WPC power driver pcb assembly
  • A-12697-3 WPC power driver pcb assembly
  • A-12697-4 WPC power driver pcb assembly

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