Reset Fix Board WPC Power Driver


Plug in Reset Fix Board with voltage indicator LEDs for the Bally / Williams WPC pinball System part # A-12697-1, A-12697-3, A-12697-4 power / driver boards (PDB).

The Reset Fix Board prevents and diagnoses intermittent game shutdown problems on Bally/Williams WPC (Williams Pinball Controller) System pinball machines. Easy plug and play, 5 minute, no tool installation.

How it works:

The Reset Fix Board creates a unique 5 volt power source for the WPC System MPU board and adds 5v and 12v circuit monitor LEDs to your Power Driver board (PDB). Resets occur on WPC pinball machines because the Power Driver board's 5 volt power supply is marginally designed for the many circuits it drives.

WPC series MPU boards have a watchdog circuit that shuts down the board if the 5 volt supply drops below a cutoff voltage (~ 4.7 volts). This happens more frequently as game circuitry ages, and the machine unexpectedly turns off and ends any active games. Ironically, the watchdog circuit shut down often reduces the 5 volt load, the voltage quickly recovers, and the machine restarts normally.

Unfortunately, the problem persists and re-energizing the MPU board just as quickly loads down the 5 volt power supply and the watchdog again turns off the MPU. This creates an endless on/off reset cycle about every two seconds. Even if the machine doesn't enter this rapid "reset loop", there will be additional intermittent resets - often within minutes, hours or more.

The Reset Fix Board eliminates watchdog circuit resets by removing the MPU load from the PDB 5 volt circuit and moving it to the 12 volt circuit. The Reset Fix Board omits several connector pins from the wire-side connector and removes the PDB 5 volt connection to the MPU board. Instead, a switched regulator circuit generates a stable 5 volt power supply that is used only on the MPU board. This satisfies the watchdog circuit and the MPU board is not reset.

Other circuits in your pinball machine still use the original 5 volt power supply, so it's best to replace failed capacitors, burnt connector pins, bad rectifier diodes. However, small voltage variations causing resets won't occur after these repairs.

How to read the LED indicators:

  • Green LED lit: Both 5v and 12v power supplies are stable
  • Green LED flashing: 5v supply exceeded 5.6v
  • Red LED lit: PDB 5v power supply dipped below the voltage that would have triggered a reset after startup.
  • Red LED Flashing: 5v supply very low and needs maintenance
  • Blue LED lit: 12v supply is weak - PDB 12v regulated supply dropped below 9 volts after startup.
  • Red and Blue LEDs lit: both 5v and 12v power supplies on your PDB have triggered alerts.

    Kit includes:

    • Reset Fix Board with LED indicators
    • Installation and operation instructions


    • WPC-PDA12697X rebuild kit
    • A-12697-1 WPC power driver pcb assembly
    • A-12697-3 WPC power driver pcb assembly
    • A-12697-4 WPC power driver pcb assembly

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