Williams 3-6 Sound Board


Completely re-engineered replacement Type 1 sound board for Williams System 3-6 pinball machines.

Brand new design uses modern electronics and software synthesizers to re-create all of the sounds. No more PIA, DAC, glass fuses, PROMs. The analog amplifier has also been replaced, removing any analog amplifier speaker hum.

Integrated LED indicators monitor each incoming signal line. A monitoring LED will flash if a signal line is shorted to ground (i.e., because of a shorted drive transistor) and will illuminate when no activity is detected through 30 sound calls (i.e., because of a disconnect). Shorting a signal line's trigger pad allows for simplified sound system functionality testing without requiring a reboot when completed.

  • D-8066
  • D-8121
  • D-8125

4.2 oz


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