Wildcat #125 Playfield Cleaner & Polish


Wildcat #125 is the classic cleaner/polish recommended by Bally for use on any playfield to remove stubborn dirt and grime while leaving a protective wax finish. 16oz. plastic squeeze bottle. Great for older playfields (Pre 1994) that do not have clear coats.

This cleaner also works great on Air Hockey tables and Shuffleboards.

Usage: Shake well before using. Using a soft cloth like a cheesecloth, apply to playfield to remove dirt, let dry, and buff to a brilliant finish like a car wax.

  • Not Recommended for playfields with mylar or clear coatings. Use Novus 2 instead.
  • Do not use on plastics including playfield ramps.
  • Note: This product is flammable and can only be shipped via FedEx Ground.


  • W125
  • Wildcat 125 polish

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