ULTIMATE Bally & Stern Solenoid Driver - Refurbished


This is a refurbished part. As such it may have minor repairs, storage wear or witness marks from previous or test instillation.

From the makers of the world famous ULTIMATE MPU Board for pre 1984 Bally & Stern electronic pinball machines, comes the ULTIMATE SOLENOID DRIVER Board.

The ULTSDB Replaces old Bally AS-2518-16, AS-2518-22, AS-2518-25 and Stern SDU-100/B-432 solenoid driver boards with a new high tech, high power, "bullet-proof" design that is so reliable it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Features include:

  • High Voltage 180 Volt DC @ 50 watts like the original design for games with extra displays.
  • Short circuit protection on the low voltage power supplies.
  • +5vdc @ 5amp low voltage power supply. Extra power for popular LED style displays.
  • LED status indicators on all voltages.
  • Using the latest MOSFET devices for solenoid drivers.
  • Lower 'on' resistance MOSFET drivers means more responsive coils – better, faster solenoid action.
  • All Solenoid MOSFET drivers have dual function LED indicators that indicate proper operation as well as indicating a fault condition such as a shorted coil. Makes game repairs fast and easy.
  • MPU fault protection circuit. Protects solenoid drivers and coils from shorts. Caused by a faulted MPU which locks on a solenoid.
  • Pulsing 'Heartbeat' status LED's.
  • No obsolete components used.
  • Lifetime warranty comes with the best support in the business-- email, web, and phone.


  • Replaces Bally AS-2518-16
  • Replaces Bally AS-2518-22
  • Replaces Bally AS-2518-25
  • Replaces Stern B-432
  • Replaces Stern SDU-100
  • Other Games:

    • Black Sheep Squadron
    • Sexy Girl

    For more information or questions email: ALLTEKSYSTEMS.COM

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