ULTIMATE Bally & Stern Solenoid Driver



From the makers of the world famous ULTIMATE MPU Board for pre 1984 Bally & Stern electronic pinball machines, comes the ULTIMATE SOLENOID DRIVER Board.

The new ULTSDB Replaces old Bally AS-2518-16, AS-2518-22, AS-2518-25 and Stern SDU-100/B-432 solenoid driver boards with a new high tech, high power, "bullet-proof" design that is so reliable it comes with a lifetime warranty.

Features include:

  • High Voltage 180 Volt DC @ 50 watts like the original design for games with extra displays.
  • Short circuit protection on the low voltage power supplies.
  • +5vdc @ 5amp low voltage power supply. Extra power for popular LED style displays.
  • LED status indicators on all voltages.
  • Using the latest MOSFET devices for solenoid drivers.
  • Lower 'on' resistance MOSFET drivers means more responsive coils – better, faster solenoid action.
  • All Solenoid MOSFET drivers have dual function LED indicators that indicate proper operation as well as indicating a fault condition such as a shorted coil. Makes game repairs fast and easy.
  • MPU fault protection circuit. Protects solenoid drivers and coils from shorts. Caused by a faulted MPU which locks on a solenoid.
  • Pulsing 'Heartbeat' status LED's.
  • No obsolete components used.
  • Lifetime warranty comes with the best support in the business-- email, web, and phone.


  • Replaces Bally AS-2518-16
  • Replaces Bally AS-2518-22
  • Replaces Bally AS-2518-25
  • Replaces Stern B-432
  • Replaces Stern SDU-100
  • Other Games:

    • Black Sheep Squadron
    • Sexy Girl

    For more information or questions email: ALLTEKSYSTEMS.COM

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