ULTIMATE Bally & Stern MPU board - Refurbished


The last MPU board you'll ever need! If you own a Bally or Stern coin op pinball machine with an AS-2518-35 or AS-2518-17, AS-2518-133, AS-2962-7, A084-91603-AA44, C-433-110, MPU100 or MPU200 MPU board, this board is for you!

This is a refurbished part, we may have made minor repairs, install witness marks or minor surface wear or damage.

It's a plug and play replacement that has every classic Bally and Stern pinball game program ROM on board. The Ultimate MPU board is a NEW and ENHANCED COMPUTER for your pinball machine. Some of the many features are:
  • All 93 games are dip-switch selectable.
  • New FREEPLAY setting for most games!
  • No batteries required. SimtekĀ® chip with 100 year memory retention warranty
  • New advanced diagnostics.
  • Over-voltage protection circuit.
  • Auto-resetable fuse protection.
  • On-board Self-Test button.
  • Full static protection of on-board IC's.
  • Test points for all DIP switches for easy testing.
  • One chip reset replaces the original 16-component reset from old board.
  • On-board reset switch for easy reset without game cycling.
  • On-board memory clear switch.
  • On-board power monitoring LED indicator.
  • Automatic zero-crossing detector circuit - No jumper required
  • Easy read instructions for fast installation game repair.
  • Half size board fits existing mounting rails.
  • New, improved built in diagnostic program provides a Burn In feature and enhanced troubleshooting when used with optional ULTIMATE TEST CARD.
  • All board components labeled for easy identification.
  • Test points that allow easy troubleshooting.
  • Schematic and manual included and available online. Email and phone support.
  • Lifetime warranty for home or commercial use.
  • Made and assembled in the USA.

  • Installation Video:

    For more information or questions email: ALLTEKSYSTEMS.COM

    • Lifetime warranty - best in the industry.

    • OTHER GAMES supported:
      • SEXY GIRL
      • New FATHOM
      • New VECTOR

      Please note: NOT compatible with the home versions of FIREBALL, CAPTAIN FANTASTIC, or EVEL KNIEVEL.
      Also check out the companion ULTIMATE TEST CARD Test Fixture (Item #ULTEST) to help diagnose other problems with your 1977-1984 Bally or Stern pinball machine. Order both the ULTIMATE MPU & TEST CARD (Item #ULTCOMBO) and SAVE $10.00.

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