SPIDERMAN (Stern) Polyurethane kit RED


40 piece translucent red polyurethane bumper set for Stern SPIDERMAN and SPIDER-MAN VAULT EDITION pinball machine includes red O-rings, ball shooter tip, Super Band flipper rings, and playfield rubber placement chart.

Polyurethane has many advantages when compared to traditional pinball rubber:

More Durable: Advanced customized polyurethane compound is more resistant to abrasion, ozone, and ultraviolet light than traditional rubber. 
Better Control: Equal to or better tactile response than standard rubber and allow for great ball control by any skill level player 
Vibrant Colors: High-gloss surface with deep translucent colors look great on any game.  
Lower Maintenance: Less porous and wipe clean with a cloth. They don’t absorb dirt like traditional rubber.


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