NASCAR (Stern) Titan™ Silicone Ring Kit RED


27 piece red Titan™ competition silicone ring kit for Stern NASCAR pinball machine.

Includes red silicone o-rings and post rubber, red silicone shooter tip, red silicone flipper bands and playfield placement diagram.


  • TK1971-R

These next generation rings are made from specially formulated silicone that provides a durable, easy to clean, vibrant replacement for standard pinball rubber. Titan™ Competition rings are resistant to UV light and less susceptible to drying and cracking, giving them a much longer lifespan than traditional rubber.

Important Notes:

When installing flipper rubber always "unload" the tip. This means after the rubber is on the flipper bat, pinch the rubber and push it towards the tip of the flipper bat to slack the tip of the rubber as much as possible. Stretch it towards the tip until you see a visible gap between the tip of the flipper bat and the rubber. It will also help to rotate all of the rings once a month or so depending on the playing time.

The same method can be applied to slingshot rubber as well. Just pre-stretch the ring a little bit, then put the rubber on the sling posts and then pull 2 different sides at a time, repeatedly. The object would be to make the tension across the three posts as even as possible. Also, check the post groove for sharp corners. Star posts and metal posts can have sharp edges on the grooves that cut the “skin” of the silicone ring, leading to early failure.

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