Leaf switch - lane change normally open left


Left side leaf switch and actuator assembly for Williams and other brand pinball machines

Used in "lane change" features and high score "enter initials" features in many Williams electronic pinball games. The switch is mounted on and controlled by the flipper mechanism.

Low-voltage switch mounts adjacent to the main flipper EOS (end of stroke) switch, and closes when the flipper coil plunger is actuated.

It is closed by the EOS switch stack and includes nylon triangle head actuator.

Replaces Williams part#'s B-9951 and B-9951-1 (side terminal inverted)


  • SW-1A-150 right side terminals
  • SW-1A-150-1 left side terminals
  • B-9951 and B-9951-1 switch includes diode
  • C-9952-R right flipper base assembly
  • A-8087-L & A-8087-R flipper assemblies

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