Transistor N channel 100v 20a Mosfet TO-220


N-Channel enhanced low threshold power Mosfet transistor 100-Volt 20-Amp integrated circuit in TO-220 case.

Type of IRL540 transistor: MOSFET
Type of control channel: N-Channel
Maximum power dissipation (Pd): 125W
Maximum drain-source voltage (Uds): 100V
Maximum drain-gate voltage (Udg):
Maximum gate-source voltage (Ugs): 64nC @ 5V
Maximum drain current (Id): 24A
Maximum junction temperature (Tj): 150°C
Rise Time of IRL540 transistor (tr):
Drain-source Capacitance (Cd), pf:
Maximum drain-source on-state resistance (Rds), Ohm: 77 mOhm @ 17A, 5V
Case of IRL540 transistor: TO-220


  • Data East / Sega / Stern 110-0106-00
  • Data East / Sega 110-0088-00
  • 5220-15710-00
  • XO-947
  • 20N10L
  • STP20N10L
  • P20N10L
  • P20N10
  • 12N10L
  • Substitute for 22NE10L
  • IRL530
  • IRF530
  • IRF540
  • IRF540N
  • Substitute for STP22NE10L
  • Substitute for P22NE10L
  • 19N06L
  • NTE2987
  • NTE2396
  • Replaced by IRL540

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