Williams System 11 MPU Ribbon Cable Kit


2 piece system 11 MPU display and MPU to sound ribbon cable kit for Williams Pinball System 11, 11A, 11B MPU pinball machines.

Aging, failing ribbon cables and connectors can be an intermittent source of garbled displays, locked-on or dead solenoid coils/lamps/switches, sound problems, system resets, boot up failure, etc.

Installing new ribbon cables provide reliable mechanical and electrical connections for board signals. Many cables are 10-30 years old and have been removed and re-inserted many cycles beyond their insertion design.

All new ribbon cables are tested electronically before shipping for superior quality assurance.

Note about ribbon connector polarity:  The circuit boards will have the connector pin numbers printed on the board.  The connectors can go on in either rotation, but you must make sure to have the red wire of the ribbon cable closest to the same pin number on each circuit board. 


  • 5795-10703-12
  • 5795-10868-14

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