IC - 28 pin DIP NVRAM FM1608-120


28 pin DIP NVRAM integrated circuit FM1608-120

Non volatile 6264 RAM replacement. Perfect for eliminating leakage prone alkaline batteries from expensive pinball MPU boards.

Plug and Play for all Data East pinball, Sega Pinball Whitestar and Stern Pinball Inc system games. May be used to replace the soldered in RAM on Williams System 11B and C System MPUs and Williams WPC System MPU boards when a IC socket is installed.


  • 6264 RAM is NOT COMPATIBLE with Williams System 11 and System 11A games. Early Williams System 11 games use a 24 pin 6116 with no provisions to install a 28 pin 6264. 6116 NVRAMs are available here.
  • Williams System 11 and Williams WPC System RAM chips are soldered to the board. Un-solder and install a 28 pin socket for the new RAM, along with changing jumper positions. This requires intermediate level soldering skills.
  • Installing an NVRAM into a Williams WPC game eliminates all time keeping functions. This affects 'Midnight Madness' modes in some games.
  • Some later Williams WPC MPU's use a 62256 RAM. Check your MPU before swapping your RAM to make sure you do not need to change the RAM jumper position.

The FM1608B IC is a 64-kilobit nonvolatile memory employing an advanced ferroelectric process. A ferroelectric random access memory or F-RAM is nonvolatile but operates in other respects as a RAM chip.

This component is not compatible with Gottlieb pinball games.


  • Provides data retention for 10 years.
  • Compatible JEDEC 8Kx8 SRAM & EEPROM pinout with 120 ns access time and 180 ns cycle time.
  • Equal access & cycle time for reads and writes.
  • Low power operation 15 mA active current, 20 µA standby current.
  • Industry Standard configuration with industrial temperature performance.




  • FM1608B
  • FM1608-120
  • 6264

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