PixlWav Dynamic Speaker and Lighting - Gray Speakers

Experience the Ultimate Speaker Light Show with PixlWav and PinWoofer pinball speakers!

Compatibility Assurance: Designed for Stern Spike-2 Pro and Premium pinball machines with existing 4" speakers without expression lighting installed.

Innovative Design: This kit includes industry-first forward-facing LEDs and superior polycarbonate diffuser rings, delivering unparalleled visuals and an unmatched light show that enhances your music like never before.

Unparalleled Audio Quality: The Pinwoofer 5.25 inch backbox speaker system features a precision-design for exceptional tonal clarity and an oversized Silk Dome Tweeter for smoother, more natural sound without harsh overtones. These speakers will transform your pinball experience and unlocks the true potential of your audio. This kit comes with GRAY SPEAKERS

Easy Installation: Get started in just 15-30 minutes with a simple setup process.

Expandable System: Elevate your setup with additional hubs for outside-of-cabinet lighting options, all seamlessly integrated into the PixlWav platform.

This System Delivers Exceptional Visuals Found Nowhere Else! The secret? Forward-facing LEDs produce brilliant light patterns, and injection-molded polycarbonate diffuser rings ensure smooth transitions during color and luminosity changes. The result is an amazing light show unrivaled by other speaker lights!

Spike-2 Machine Requirements: This kit is designed for Stern Spike 2 Pro and Premium games with existing 4" speakers. For machines with the Stern Expression Lighting Systemâ„¢, use the PixlWav Spike-2 Backbox Speaker and Speaker Light Kit for Expression Lighting.

Important Notes about Power:

  • The Spike-2 non-US Power Box is not wired for a 110 VAC Dollar Bill Validator, which the PixlWav power adapter connects to. If you are not in the US and you need an adapter, one can be found here.
  • The PixlWav system operates at 5V DC only. Never connect a different voltage.


  • PixlWav Dynamic Lighting Kit
  • PinWoofer 5.25" Gray Cone Speakers
  • Two mounting plates
  • Speaker Pigtail wiring harness



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