PinWoofer 5.25 backbox speaker upgrade


5.25" Backbox speaker upgrade with black cone

Experience unparalleled audio quality in your game room with the PinWoofer system. Designed with precision, our industry-leading speakers deliver exceptional tonal clarity, enhancing every call-out, sound effect, and musical note in your title. Unlike typical aftermarket upgrades designed for cars or boats, this system features an oversized Silk Dome Tweeter that balances the sound field across a broader frequency range. This ensures a smoother, more natural sound without the harsh overtones common in rigid tweeter materials like PEI (polyetherimide) or Mylar. Easy to install with just a few basic hand tools, this system transforms your pinball experience with incredible results. Unlock the true potential of your audio and add presence to your game with the best pinball speakers available!

  • Features:
  • Made to work perfectly with PixlWav speaker light kits
  • Precision-designed electronics for enhanced tonal clarity
  • Industry-leading speakers for exceptional audio quality
  • Oversized Silk Dome Tweeter for balanced sound reproduction
  • Easy installation with basic hand tools

  • PW-525-SPKR-B

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