Power Supply board United/Williams/Data East D-8345


New, Pin Tek drop in replacement for Data East, Williams pinball machines and United shuffle alleys using the Williams System 3 - 11A power supply board part D-8345 or D-7999.
Replaces original part number D-7999-XXX. (where XXX is the game model number)
For Data East dot matrix display games, use 520-5047-00 under related items below.

  • Plug and Play replacement
  • Thicker board for more stability to help reduce stress cracks
  • Power resistor upgraded to flame-proof Metal Oxide for safety
  • High Efficiency 5V Switch Mode power supply regulator
  • Obsolete components replaced with current high reliability production parts

  • D-7999-GP
  • D-7999
  • 1D-2001-134 pcb
  • Williams D-8345
  • Data East 520-5000-00
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