PinWoofer Spike 2 Advanced Sound System


Our system delivers exceptional tonal quality and unprecedented clarity of call-outs, sound effects and music. Add presence to your title and unlock the true potential of the audio track.

Effortless Install - Comprehensive Instructions and Installation Video available. A few simple connections and only basic hand tools required - anyone can do this!


  • 8in Cabinet Speaker:
  • PinWoofer PW-DVC-8X2 8in, 190W Max
  • Two voice coils in parallel for maximum bass drive - optimized for Stern kits.
  • PinWoofer 8in Universal Interposer Mounting Ring with Hardware.

5.25 Backbox Speakers:

  • Pyle PL53BL 5.25in, 200W MAX Triaxial Speaker Pair
  • For the Pro and Premium Trim Package, 4" to 5.25" Mounting Interposer Ring Pair with Hardware.
  • For the LE Trim Package, or for those who have upgraded to 5.25" backbox speaker plates, 5.25" Spacer Ring with Hardware.


PinWoofer GT Amplifier:

  • Tone controls for Bass Cutoff Frequency, Bass (Cabinet Speaker) Volume, Backbox Volume, Treble Control and Master Volume Control.
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing External Volume Control or External Headphone Station.
  • Pre-amplifier Stage with Auto-Muting for noise reduction.
  • Glass TamerTM – Patent Pending Glass Shake Reduction Technology.
  • Differential Input with Gain Control.
  • Line-out for External Monitor or Powered Subwoofer.

PinWoofer GT Expander Board:

  • Plug and Play Audio Line Converter.

PinWoofer Power Board:

  • Plug and Play Power Board - Dedicated Power Source - no splitter or other power sharing solution required.

PinWoofer Platform Harness:

  • Plug and Play Harness to Interconnect all components Effortlessly.

Additional Items:

PinWoofer GT Amplifier Mounting Bracket:

  • Remove and replace the amplifier to a fixed location, as you may occasionally remove the amplifier and place it on the playfield glass to make adjustments.
  • Secure enough to transport your machine without removing the amplifier.

All Required Mounting Fasteners and Hardware:

  • Includes an assortment of nuts, washers, and screws to make for a streamlined installation.



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