Rectifier board Bally AS-2518-18 / Stern TA-100 C-464


New production rectifier board assembly for early Bally and Stern solid state pinball machines.

Installation requires soldering skills.

The all new design and construction includes heavy duty heat sinks and high capacity rectifiers.

Uses original mounting form for easy installation. Clearly labeled connector, components, solder points, fuse locations, and test points are printed on the front.


  • PS2518-18
  • Replaces AS-2518-18
  • Replaces AS-2518-49
  • Stern SEI TA-100
  • Stern SEI B438-4
  • Stern SEI A-430
  • Stern SEI C-464
  • The solderless version can be foundhere.

Installation notes for the following games:
  • KISS 6/79
  • FUTURE SPA 12/79
  • These games originally used Rectifier board AS-2518-49 that had 2 additional TO-3 case diodes installed on an extended board.

    The cables on J1-Pin 7 and J1-Pin 9 are the same and should be removed from the J1-Pin 9 connector and attached to the J1-Pin 7 connection. (Both wires go to J1-Pin 7.)

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