Dot Matrix 128 x 32 LED display


New 128 x 32 LED Dot Matrix Display module for pinball machines and arcade games. This board replaces the original 128x32 DMD dot matrix plasma display with its LED technology.

Easy to install! You only need to connect two clamps on the existing internal cabling in order to power it.

Advantages & Features: - Low power consumption - No High Voltage anymore - Long-lasting led displays - 16×16 LED socketed displays for easy replacement - Includes foam light shield frame and instructions.

This display uses 16×16 dot matrix LED modules which give a better result compared to the 8×8 dot matrix modules. The result is a better image with less space between elements.


  • Remove the old display
  • Place the new DMD LED display on the speaker/display panel
  • Fasten with the nuts
  • Connect the power cable and 26 pin flat ribbon cable to the DMD LED display
  • Switch the game ON and enjoy


    • PS-DMD32
    • 5901-12784-00
    • 520-5052-00
    • 29151
    • DP00102
    • 04-191000

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