Dot Matrix 128 x 16 LED display 520-5042-00


New 128 x 16 LED dot matrix display module for Data East small dot matrix display pinball machines.

Replaces Data East part #520-5042-00 display board. For use in these Data East pinball machines:

  • HOOK 520-5042-HK
  • STAR TREK 25th Anniversary 520-5042-ST
  • CHECKPOINT 520-5042-CP
  • BATMAN 520-5042-BM

Beautiful new LED Dot Matrix Displays eliminate unreliable plasma displays forever!

No more short life expectancy, fragile, high voltage dependent displays required for your game. Drop in replacement requires no high voltage to operate and installs in minutes using only a screwdriver. Game specific EPROM is included.

Includes foam light shield frame and instructions.


  • Remove the old display
  • If you are transferring your old game eprom, install in socket U2.
    For CHECKPOINT and TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLES the eprom is smaller and should be aligned away from the socket notched end with 2 blank pins exposed.
  • Place the new DMD LED display on the speaker/display panel
  • Fasten with the nuts
  • Connect the power cable and 26 pin flat ribbon cable to the DMD LED display
  • Switch the game ON and enjoy


    • Cherry 012-4152
    • Cherry 0001-4176
    • Data East 520-5042-00

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