PINSCORE Display Set United/WMS Shuffle


NEW! PINSCORE Display Systems!

Brilliant design makes brilliant displays. New PINSCORE LED displays for pinball machines are the best performing, most feature-packed and economical replacement systems for obsolete glass plasma digital displays.

This PINSCORE Model PS-8000-S Display System is compatible with the following United/Williams puck shuffle alley machines:

  • TOPAZ Shuffle
  • ARISTOCRAT Shuffle
  • TAURUS Shuffle
  • KING TUT Shuffle
  • OMNI Shuffle
  • POMPEII Shuffle
  • BIG STRIKE Shuffle
  • STRIKE ZONE Shuffle (NOTE: This game was made with 2 different computer systems and may require PS-10749-S if your STRIKE ZONE uses a Williams System 9 computer and/or has HEADER PIN CONNECTORS on the master display controller board.)


  • Plug & Play installation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Pushbutton diagnostics
  • Low power consumption uses only 5V power and no high voltage
  • Beautiful black matte finish
  • Foam light shields prevent general illumination leakage glare
  • Crisp alphanumeric digits illuminate in original font & color
  • 2 year warranty
  • Assembled in USA
  • RoHS compliant

This system contains:

  • (1) PS-8000 PINSCORE Master Driver Board
  • (6) PS-2001 PINSCORE 4 digit LED Display Board
  • (1) PS-LS-6 Foam light shield for Credit/Ball Display
  • (6) PS-LS-4 Foam light shield for Score Displays
  • (4) 5795-10937-18 cables
  • (2) 5795-10937-24 cables


  • PS-8000-S


  • INSTALLATION TIME: About 25 minutes
  • TOOLS REQUIRED: 1/4" Nutdriver
  1. CAUTION: This PS-8000-S Display System CANNOT be used with any original display or driver boards. Damage to both new and old boards will occur if the systems are mixed. Please remove all original boards and cables and install only these new boards and ribbon cables.
  2. Unplug the AC power from your Shuffle Alley machine. Remove game backglass. Unscrew and remove all original glass displays, master driver board and all inter-board connecting cables. Remove brown "keep-alive"; wire from all displays and tuck away - it's no longer needed.
  3. Attach cables to display boards before mounting to ease cable routing. Mount new boards in their respective locations. You may slide the LED Display boards horizontally to adjust their positions for alignment with your backglass windows. If not already in place, place the foam light shields on their respective LED Display boards.
  4. Connect the cables. Player positions are printed on the board and the cables with edge connectors fit the PS-8000 Master Driver/Display board. Observe correct polarity on all ribbon cables - the red striped wires on all ribbon cables go to PIN #1 (also labeled as RED) on all boards.
  5. Double-check all connections, plug in the machine, and turn the game on. The LED's will light up. Pressing the DIAGNOSTIC pushbutton on the Master Driver/Display board will illuminate all segments of all displays. This indicates that all boards and cables in the PINSCORE System are operating correctly. Use the thumbwheel BRIGHTNESS control on the Master Driver/Display board to set your preferred illumination level.
  6. START SLIDING! You'll enjoy your PINSCORE Displays for years to come!

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