NEW! PINSCORE Display Systems! Brilliant design makes brilliant displays.

New PINSCORE LED displays for pinball machines are the best performing, most feature-packed and economical replacement systems for obsolete glass plasma digital displays.

This PINSCORE Model PS-12232-P16-R1 Display System fits the following Williams machines:

  • TAXI


  • Plug & Play installation
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Self Test button for quick diagnostics
  • Low power consumption uses only 5V power and no high voltage
  • Beautiful black matte finish
  • Foam light shields prevent general illumination glare
  • Crisp alpha-numeric digits illuminate in original font & color
  • 2 year warranty
  • Assembled in USA

Kit Contents:

  • (1) PS-12232 PinScore master board
  • (1) PS-10866 PinScore 7-digit satellite display for jackpot
  • (1) 5795-10938-30 26-conductor display cable for PS- 10866
  • (1) PS-LS-7 7-digit foam light shield
  • (2) PS-LS-16 16-digit foam light shields


  • Installation time: about 20 minutes
  • Tools required: 1/4” nutdriver and/or Phillips screwdriver
  • A.Remove Old Displays.
    1.Turn off and unplug the main power from your pinball machine.
    2. Remove game backglass (Check owner’s manual for specific instructions).
    3. Unplug all display boards, connecting cables and remove original display board.
  • B.Mount the new boards.
    1. Hand-tighten the screws so that you may align the displays with the backglass windows before finally securing the board.
    2. If further alignment is necessary, you may adjust the insert panel door hinges and latch in the backbox.
  • C.Connect the cables.
    1. Attach the original power cables to the board. These are all keyed and will only fit in the correct connectors.
    2. Attach the flat ribbon cable that connects to your MPU board to the connector labeled MPU Cable (J4). Make sure to align the red-striped side of the cable with Pin #1 on the connector, which faces the test switch and is labeled "RED".
    3. Attach the included new ribbon cable to the satellite "Jackpot" display, again being sure to align the red stripe with Pin 1, labeled "RED" on the board and located toward the bottom edge of the board. Attach the other end of the ribbon cable to the Left External Display connector (J2).
    4. The Right External Display Connector, J1, is NOT USED. If satellite display is plugged into this connector, only Jackpot information will be displayed.
  • D.Verify Installation.
    1. Double-check all connections, plug in the machine, and turn the game on. The LED display will light up.
    2. Press the diagnostic pushbutton labeled SW1/DISPLAY TEST on the PS-12232 board. All segments of all displays should illuminate, indicating that all components of the PinScore system are operating correctly.
    3. The thumbwheel brightness control labeled R17 on the right side of the board allows you to set your preferred illumination level.
  • E.Play Pinball!


  • UDN7180A
  • D-12232
  • D-12232-1
  • Includes longer cable 5795-10938-30 for satellite display

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