Ball 1-1/16 inch Ti-Ball™ titanium gold


New Ti-Ball™ gold color 1-1/16 inch diameter pinball
For many years the pinball industry has sought a durable, economical solution for colorizing pinballs - the search is over - the Titanium Ti-Ball™ is here!

A thin, virtually indestructible layer of titanium is applied using the physical vapor deposition (PVD) process. PVD vaporizes titanium into a plasma and transfers it in a vacuum to a substrate, the carbon steel ball, that bonds with the condensed titanium.
Other coatings such as plating, painting, powder coating, encasing cannot withstand the harsh pinball playfield environment and deteriorate after very few play cycles. The Titanium fused ball surface tolerates years of heavy pinball play*.
*Note: Minor finish variations naturally occur during the manufacturing process and do not affect gameplay.


  • PB116-TG

80.7 g


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