NVRAM 5101 Module Battery Eliminator


Non Volatile RAM 5101 Module Battery Eliminator

Premium quality Battery Eliminator / NVRAM replacement for 5101 RAM used in many classic pinball / arcade machines.

Replaces a 5101, 2101 or compatible pinout 256 x 8 SRAM that has its data inputs and outputs connected together (ie. the majority of pinball/arcade boards).

See the compatibility list below for more info. These modules use CYPRESS F-RAM nvram ICs rated at 151-year data retention & 100 trillion reads/writes. No batteries are needed to retain high scores or game settings, you can remove them from your game.

Machine pin headers are used on this module which are very durable and won't damage your socket at all.

Note that some games this will require removal of the existing RAM soldered to the board & installation of a 22-pin DIP socket (now included!!). Please see the compatibility list below for more info.


  • P5101L


. This list will help you easily identify what NVRAM to get for your machine(s). In addition, the compatibility chart below has diagrams of where the RAM is located on your board(s), difficulty of installation/upgrade & notes on the upgrade.

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