Bracket - coil retainer


Coil retainer bracket for early Bally / Midway solid state and electromechanical pinball machine playfield mechanisms.


  • P-108-53 coil mount bracket
  • P-108-42
  • ASE-1587-101 flipper left assembly
  • ASE-1587-102 flipper right assembly
  • ASE-1587-111 flipper left assembly
  • ASE-1587-112 flipper right assembly
  • AS-2402-12 knocker assembly
  • ASE-2593-6 slingshot kicker assembly
  • AS-3103-XX top mount outhole kicker assembly
  • ASE-1566-28 fly away reset coil assembly
  • AS-1587-14 flipper units
  • AS-1587-15 flipper units
  • 0360-00313-00XF

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