LED flicker eliminator adaptor kit Bally/Stern


LED flicker eliminator adapter kit for classic Bally and Stern pinball machines.

Converting early Bally or Stern pinball machines to LEDs (light emitting diodes) is easy and effective for general illumination (GI) lamps, but because of their very low current draw, LED switched or controlled feature lamps flash on and off every 8 milliseconds and create an annoying flicker.

This 3 piece set of adapter boards economically correct the problem and work with all types of LED lamps.

They are compatible with any generation of classic Bally or Stern pinball machines using the AS-2518- 17, AS-2518-35, M-100, or M-200 CPU board set and a dedicated lamp driver board.

LED adapters are available separately for Auxiliary Lamp Boards AS-4518-43 or AS-4518-52 under related items below.


  • 1. On your existing lamp driver board, inside the backbox, remove the wiring harness from connector locations J1, J2, and J3. Do not remove the wiring from connector J4.
  • 2. At connector J1, install the 28 pin adapter board labeled 'MB-07B-011'
  • 3. At connector J3, install the 28 pin adapter board labeled 'MB-07A-011'
  • 4. At connector J2, install the 23 pin adapter board labeled 'MB-07C-011'
  • 5. Connect the wire harness to the 2 pin power connectors as shown below. (The 2-pin power connectors do not have polarity, any direction is OK.)

    • 6. This part is critical, so please follow precisely: Attach the alligator clip of the wiring harness to the common power wire supplying voltage to the controlled lamps in the backbox. The controlled lamps are those for Tilt, Game Over, Player 1, Player 2, etc.

      Each of the controlled lamps in the backbox will have a small, striped wire that only connects to a single lamp, and a single braided 'common' wire that runs to all controlled lamps on the backbox lamp board. This 'common' wire is where you want to attach the alligator clip as close to the hinged side as possible. Use caution not to connect onto your GI lamp wiring, which has two braided wires, each of which connects to multiple lamps.

      • 7. Installation of the LED adapters is now complete, and you may install LED lamps in the controlled lamp locations. Note that they will not resolve issues with old and faulty components such as bad sockets, connectors, or circuit board transistors.

        Occasional flickering LEDs after installation of these adapters is usually the result of a marginal, or incorrect, SCR installed on your lamp driver board.


        • MB-07-020
        • MB-07-011
        • previously MB-07-010

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