Reset board A24 Gottlieb® System 80B update


Piggy Deux Gottlieb® System 80B Piggyback board no solder alternative

The Piggy Deux is an alternative piggyback board for Gottlieb System 80B machines. It is a plug-and-play fix for System 80B MPUs that have intermittent lock-up or reset problems due to original daugterboard connections. Game EPROM not included.

Who should use this board?

If your machine was working and is now intermittently reseting during gameplay or not starting at all, then your issue may be with the daughterboard. If pressing on the daughterboard while applying power to the machine or during operation causes intermittent behavior, then it's likely your issue is with the daughterboard solder joints and the PIGGY DEUX will help.

Gottlieb System 80B CPU boards used a piggyback / daughter circuit board soldered directly to the MPU. Over time, the solder joints fail and cause the machine to freeze, reset during use (due to vibration and/or expansion/contraction of cold solder joints) or not even start at all. Many times those issues are entirely the fault of the piggyback board and it's solder connections.

Rather than repairing the original daughterboard, you may leave it in place. The PIGGY DEUX plugs into the TC1 socket at the top of a System 80B MPU. No board modifications are necessary. You must remove the 2764 EPROM from the original daughterboard and insert it into the PIGGY DEUX. Plug the PIGGY DEUX into the MPU board. That's all there is to it!

If you choose to keep the reset board connected in your game, you can optionally order a pre-assembled wire harness below. FAIR WARNING: Removing or replacing the original factory daughterboard without damaging the CPU board is EXTREMELY DIFFICULT, even for seasoned circuit board technicians.


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