Power supply Gottlieb® System 80/80A A2


New direct replacement Power Supply board for Gottlieb® System 80 and System 80A pinball machines.


  • Extensive use of power and ground planes for reduced electrical noise generation and better heat dissipation.
  • Easy access to all components by eliminating large heat sink.
  • Screw terminal connections installed to provide optional mechanical durable connections for ground, 12 volt and 5 volts.
  • Dimensions: 3 by 8 inch board.
  • Through-hole construction for field serviceability.

  • 5 volt switching power supply circuit is capable of providing up to 5 amps of power (current limited to 4 amps for safety purposes). Typical System 80 CPU requires 1.5 amps - plenty of current to spare.
  • Soft-start power-up and built in short circuit protection.
  • Efficient MOSFET based switching supply with a >95% *measured* efficiency @ 3.6 amps. This means that with a current of 3.6 amps to the 5 volt load - the 12 volt bridge rectifier and main filter capacitor circuit are actually providing less than 1.6 amps!

    Measured values:
  • Input power = 12 volts x 1.55 Amps = 18.6 watts
  • Output power = 5 volts x 3.6 Amps = 18 watts
  • Efficiency = 18 / 18.6 = 96.7%

    High efficiency design results in extended lifespan of transformer, bridge rectifier and main filter capacitor.
    Includes output voltage adjustment provided to overcome cabling voltage loss. Adjustable between 5.0 volts and 5.5 volts. Uses long life, screwdriver adjustable, sealed cermet trimmer. No chance of accidentally adjusting voltage too high causing possible component damage - even if the voltage adjustment trimmer fails.

    Less heat is generated by this supply under full load compared to the hot-plate design of the original power supply. The old supply dissipated a whopping 25.2 watts of power (based on 3.6 amp load). This translates to a lot of wasted power - i.e. heat. This new supply dissipates a mere 0.6 watts of power based on the same 3.6 amp load.


  • MA-114

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