LED flicker eliminator kit Bally aux lamp board AS-4518-52


LED flicker eliminator adapter kit for classic Bally Auxiliary Lamp Driver board AS-2518-52.
Converting early Bally or Stern pinball machines to LEDs (light emitting diodes) is easy and effective for general illumination lamps, but because of their very low current draw, LED switched or controlled feature lamps flash on and off every 8 milliseconds and create an annoying flicker.
This 2 piece set of adapter boards economically correct the problem and work with all types of LED lamps connected to the original factory AS-2518-52 Bally Auxiliary Lamp Driver board.

This set ONLY adapts the auxiliary lamp driver board, not the main lamp driver board. Both this set and the Classic Bally/Stern LED adapter set, part number MB-07-011 are needed to convert a full game.
LED adapters are available separately for Auxiliary Lamp Boards AS-2518-43 under related items below.
Simply unplug the 2 cables from the AS-2518-52 aux lamp board, install these 2 small 'piggyback' boards in their place and re-connect the cables to the new boards.


  • MA-09-011-052

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