IC - high gain power transistor TO-202


LM195/LM395 are fast, monolithic power integrated circuits with complete overload protection.

These devices, which act as high gain power transistors, have included on the chip, current limiting, power limiting, and thermal overload protection making them virtually impossible to destroy from any type of overload.

In the standard TO-3 transistor power package, the LM195 will deliver load currents in excess of 1.0A and can switch 40V in 500 ns.

  • Internal thermal limiting
  • Greater than 1.0A output current
  • 3.0 µA typical base current
  • 500 ns switching time
  • 2.0V saturation
  • Base can be driven up to 40V without damage
  • Directly interfaces with CMOS or TTL
  • 100% electrical burn-in


    • LM395P

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