Lock and cam - 7/8" combination


Standard 7/8" long chrome finish barrel lock with 3 digit adjustable combination.

Fits most metal coin doors. No more fumbling or searching for lost keys.

Includes 1" cam, cam screw, and mounting nut.

Combination may be easily set to any 3 numbers by inserting a paperclip into the programming hole. Factory default setting is 0-0-0.

Easy programming steps:

  1. Set the combination to the number that opens the cabinet locks. Factory default is 0-0-0.
  2. Push the change button in (located on bottom of the lock) with a paperclip while setting a new combination.
  3. Release pressure on the change button by removing paper clip. Change your combination any time and as often as you want.


  • LKA78-COM

4.2 oz


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