CD-ROM GAMEROOM Magazine Archive Vol 4

1992 complete production of GameRoom Magazine, restored and preserved in Adobe PDF format, with an integrated browser, all on one CD! It's the perfect way to complete your GameRoom Magazine collection, and the ultimate GameRoom reference tool: all the reviews, news, restorations, interviews, and more -- just a mouse click away!

January 1992, Volume 4 - Number 1
  • The Chicago Show
  • Coca Cola Trays by Randy Feldman
  • The Fall 1991 Fun Fair by Bill Cowles
  • Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
  • Auction Report
  • Coca Cola Reproductions by Randy Feldman

    February 1992, Volume 4 - Number 2
  • The Penny Phono Jukebox by Steve Blankenship
  • Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
  • Coca-Cola Collectibles and High Technology by Randy Feldman
  • FUNdamentals
  • Coin-Op Fever Strikes, by Larry Brown
  • Bally Owner's Pictorial Guide Review by Marshall Fey

    March 1992, Volume 4 - Number 3
  • Pinball Light Socket Problems and Repair by John "North Dakota Pete" Buegel
  • Coca-Cola Trolley Signs by Randy Feldman
  • Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
  • 1950 1 Cent Atlas Midget by John Carini
  • Rick Stetta Wins World Flipper Pinball Championship

    April 1992, Volume 4 - Number 4
  • Pinball Corner: Fireball Classic Up-Grade by Herb Silvers
  • A Jukebox Collectors Guide to Pre-Qualified Basement Popping by Dick Buschel
  • How to Capture a Commando! by RJ from Cajun Jukebox
  • New Orleans "Cha-Chings" Its First Coin-Op Show by Jim Lintz
  • Coca-Cola Collectibles: Licensed Products - Collectible or Novelty by Randy Feldman

    May 1992, Volume 4 - Number 5
  • On The Cover by Bill Cowles
  • A Soft Jukebox Market? by Ray Eklund
  • Big Top Auction a Big Hit by William Manns
  • Cowboy Auction Sets Records in Scottsdale by William Manns
  • Company Profile: A Step Back In Time
  • Petretti Publishes Eighth Edition by Randy Feldman
  • Wurlitzer Service Literature by Steve Blankenship
  • Simmons Model A 1 Cent Peanut Machine by John Carini

    June 1992, Volume 4 - Number 6
  • On The Cover: Scott Barrington's Slot
  • Jukin' For a Juke by RJ from Cajun Jukeboxes
  • FUNdamentals
  • The Collector's Fun Fair by Bill Cowles
  • Pinball Corner by Herb Silvers
  • Coca-Cola Brings Antique Advertising to the Public by Randy Feldman
  • Chicagoland Show

    July 1992, Volume 4 - Number 7
  • Off The Shelf by Victor Zummo
  • Tips on Buying Jukebox Parts by Ray Eklund
  • Pinball Corner: The California Pinathon 1992
  • His Master's Collectibles by Steve Blankenship
  • Fort Worth Coin Show by RJ from Cajun Jukeboxes
  • When It's No Longer Fun, It's Time to Move On by Randy Feldman
  • Columbus Model 21 by John Carini

    August 1992, Volume 4 - Number 8
  • There's No Recession When it Comes to Coca-Cola Collectibles, by Randy Feldman
  • Jukebox Location Popping Revisited by Dick Buschel
  • Pinball Corner: The 1992 Pinball Show by Herb Silvers
  • 1992 Philadelphia Gameroom Show by Steve Ebner
  • Batter-Up Baseball by Ernie Downey, Jr.
  • US Amusement Auction by Jim Copeland

    September 1992, Volume 4 - Number 9
  • On The Cover: 1939 Seeburg Classic by Bob Fox and Texas Leaguer by Phil Emmert
  • Milwaukee's Fabulous Fifties Fun Fair by Stephen Rakowski
  • Static From the Attic by RJ of Cajun Jukeboxes
  • The Free Play Explosion by Big Daddy Love
  • Turning Your Kids on to the "Real Thing" by Randy Feldman
  • Premier Technology - The North Dakota Connection by John F. (North Dakota Pete) Buegel
  • Jukeboxes for the Home...How Many? by Frank Adams

    October 1992, Volume 4 - Number 10
  • On The Cover: Charlie Wilke's Game Room
  • FUNdamentals
  • Coca-Cola Cars and Trucks by Randy Feldman
  • Pinball Corner: Star Trek(s), by Herb Silvers

    November 1992, Volume 4 - Number 11
  • GameRoom News
  • The Victor Peanut Machine by John Carini
  • The REAL Way to Find Old Wurlitzer Jukeboxes by Michael J. Di Julio and Gerald J. Christensen
  • FIX EM: ElectroMechanical Pinball Repair
  • The Care and Feeding of the Coca-Cola Tray by Randy Feldman
  • Pinball Corner: Rock and Roll Pinball by Herb Silvers
  • The Great Southern Collectible Expo
  • The First Annual Dixieland Extravaganza Show and Sale

    December 1992, Volume 4 - Number 12
  • 1992 Collector's Expo by Steve Ebner
  • Fix "EM": Initial Check-Out and Cleaning
  • Abbott/Riewe On Top With Big Top Auction
  • Hooligan Pool by Ira Wexler
  • California Carousel Auction Sets World Records by William Manns
  • Off The Shelf by Victor Zummo
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