NIGHT RIDER (Bally) Backglass SS


New Bally NIGHT RIDER Solid State version pinball machine backglass.

Multi layered digital print on tempered glass with polished corners and edges. Ready for new side and lift trim (available separately under related items below).

Reproduction glass is 3/16" in thickness.


  • Never apply “Krylon® triple thick” or apply any additional coatings to printed backside of new glass.
  • Alcohol, acetone, and most ‘rattle-can’ liquids must NEVER contact the ink.
  • If laying a glass down on its printed back, always place on a towel or cloth.
  • Glass substrate is tempered and sensitive to significant hot-cold temperature shifts. Make gradual changes to ambient temperatures.
  • Avoid impact or scratches to the edges, such as setting the glass down on concrete.
  • Never allow moisture to remain on the printed backside. After several minutes, there is a risk of ink degradation.
  • Do not spray cleaner directly onto the printed backside. Prolonged contact with liquids may damage your glass.
  • If you must clean the backside (bulb dirt, etc.) wipe with a pre-dampened cloth (water or Windex).
  • After wiping, make sure the liquid is dried off (wipe completely dry). Do not allow moisture to remain on surface.
  • Glass cleaner sprayed directly on the front is OK.
  • Don’t let liquid cleaners seep in between the trim channels and the glass.


  • G-408-23

15 lb


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