Test Fixture Gottlieb System 1 driver


Test Fixture bench equipment for GottliebĀ® System1 driver boards.

Designed by Pascal Janin.


This board assists in troubleshooting the following circuits of a Gottlieb System 1 driver board:

  • lamp outputs
  • coil outputs
  • sound outputs and audio amplifier
  • knocker output
  • 12V/5V power supply

    43 indicator LEDs show all lamp and coil outputs

    • Large 10mm diameter green LEDs for coils
    • Small 5mm diameter red LEDs for lamps
    • Small 5mm diameter yellow or orange for sounds

      Each LED is identified on the PCB, and labeled according to its function (lamps, coils, sound).

      As an option, SOL6 SOL7 SOL8 and OUTHOLE coil outputs can draw a stronger current (0.4A) than a LED to get closer to the real driving condition of a coil (5A or more).

      The 3 sound outputs (10 points, 100 points, 1000 points) activate 3 LEDs and 3 oscillators to recreate the basic sound board used on pinballs from CLEOPATRA to PINBALL POOL.

      The knocker output activates a buzzer.

      Power is used from the pinball 12V, with a diode in series to prevent polarity mistakes.


      The test bench can be connected either on the original driver board or on the PI-1/X4 board. All the connectors are aligned, so gently push to insert:


      • FLIPPP-TE-S1

6 oz


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