Computer platform Gottlieb System 80


The famous Pascal Janin designed All-in-One electronics system board replaces all backbox circuit boards inside GottliebĀ® System 80 pinball machines. (CPU, driver, power supply)

The PI-80X4 All-in-One System-80 combo board combines the CPU board, the power supply and the driver board into a single, reliable unit with greatly improved features and expansion slot for a future PI-FX/80 sound board accessory.
This current model uses your original sound board and its specific power supply if applicable (read below).
The software has been rewritten and embeds many of the great new features from the FLIPPP PI-1 and PI-1X4 System 1 boards.
Plug and play installation takes about 5 minutes with common hand tools.

  • New features: chance ball, multiple extra balls, special that can give points, difficulty levels, scores up to 10M (System-80), etc..
  • Lower power consumption and heat dissipation (double switching power supply stage) for great reliability.
  • Advanced hardware protections against failures (power supply, switch matrix, coils...)
  • Eliminates original wire harness inter-board connections to power supply, CPU and driver and problems associated problems.

  • PI-80X4

Please note that the following System 80 games are not currently compatible with the FLIPPP-PI-80X4-80:
  • JAMES BOND 007

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