Coil - flipper green - med. low


3 terminal, dual winding flipper coil with 1N4004 diodes.

FL-11722 medium low flipper strength, parallel coils, used on many Bally/ Williams WPC system pinball games (original green coil wrapper)

  • Primary winding (power) ~6.2 ohms (no diode)
  • Secondary winding (hold) ~160 ohms (no diode)

Used on the following machines:

  • TWILIGHT ZONE (upper flipper)
  • ROAD SHOW (upper flipper)
  • F-14 TOMCAT (upper flippers)
  • EARTHSHAKER (upper flippers)


Williams / Bally pinball machines flippers are designed for a balance of power based on the layout of a given game. Always use the specified coil number for your machine. Before changing to a different strength coil, always install a flipper rebuild kit. But, if you must adjust flipper strength, here is a list of coil numbers and their relative strength from weakest to strongest:

FL-11753 Yellow - Used with short flippers and close shots

  • FL-11722 Green - Used for close shots near drop targets
  • FL-11630 Red - The standard, most commonly used coil
  • FL-15411 Orange - Used for long playfield shots
  • FL-11629 Blue - Used for long shots and high ramps


    • FL-11722
    • 23-2000-00
    • Wico 04-093400
    • JJP 23-2000-00
    • JJP 23-002000-00
    • All coils include new sleeves (coil tubing) where applicable.

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