ScoreVu™ Display Glare Guard


New ScoreVu™ Display Glare Guard blocks dot matrix display reflection from playfield glass.

The black plastic 5" x 20" shield mounts in minutes below the display and blocks glare from the playfield glass without obstructing the player's view.

Installation is easy:

  • 1. Remove lockdown bar and slide playfield glass down about an inch.
  • 2. Insert the short bent end of the DISPLAY GLARE GUARD into the playfield glass rear trim so that the Guard is angled upward.
  • 3. Slide the playfield glass back in place to secure the Guard in place and replace the lockbar.
  • 4. On many machines, installation can be done without sliding the playfield glass down. Just wedge the guard into the playfield glass rear trim molding.


  • DGG-01

4 oz


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