Coil - Zaccaria


Zaccaria solenoid coil #D.45-S.1000 is typically used in pop bumpers.

Zaccaria Coil Nomenclature
Zaccaria coil numbers specify the diameter of the wire and the number of turns on the plastic coil spool. Example: D. 50 - S. 1600

The D. in the coil part number is the diameter of the wire in millimeters multiplied by 100.
The S. number is the number of windings on the coil spool. -- i.e. D=50 & S=1600 means a coil with .5mm diameter wire (approximately 24 Gauge) size with 1600 turns of wire.

Flipper coils usually have two sets of coil numbers because they contain two windings on the same spool.

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