Power supply Williams System 11C D-12246-XXX


This is a drop-in replacement for Williams and Bally pinball machines using part number D-12246-XXX.

Board highlights:

  • Plug and Play replacement
  • Measure your power supply voltages and instantly check status of the fuses without using your meter!
  • Added voltage meter for the 5V, +12V, -12V, 100V, and -100V Display
  • LED lights for instant supply and fuse status checks
  • Thicker boards for more stability to help reduce stress cracks
  • Jumpers for 100v or 91v display settings
    • 91v settings are used to lower power consumption and lengthen the life of the original gas displays
    • Improved electrical design for better efficency
    • High power resistor updated to flame-proof Metal Oxide
    • 5V regulator updated to High Efficiency Switch Mode Power Supply
    • Heat sink added to bridge rectifier to keep cooler and last longer
    • Update obsolete components to current production parts
    • High quality 105C capacitors used for longer life
  • Only through-hole components are used in this design


  • D-12246
  • D-12246-KE

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