Connector rebuild kit Bally/Stern MPU AS-2518-17/35


Connector rebuild kit for wiring harness and board headers on all Bally and Stern MPU boards.

Kit includes:

  • CF10015
  • CF10013
  • CF10016
  • CF10020 currently substituted with 1 CF10015 and 1 CF10005
  • CM10016
  • CM10020
  • CM10028
  • CF100K
  • CT100S

  • CF10028 is no longer available for connection J1. It is replaced by (1) CF10015 and (1) CF10013 in this kit.
  • Flush cutters can be used to snip off the extra pin or additional housing position for the following substitutes: CM10016 is provided for the 15 pin connection J2 and CF10020 is provided for the 19 pin connection J4.
  • For use on AS-2518-35 or AS-2518-17, AS-2518-133, AS-2962-7, A084-91603-AA44, MPU100 or MPU200 boards

Suggested tool:
Crimping Tool

1 oz

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