Connector .156 inch 10 position rear-entry


0.156" pin spacing 10 position rear-entry housing

Used on early solid state Williams CPU board to driver board interconnection.

Installation Tip:

  • When replacing all the connectors between a Williams CPU and Driver board (order 4 connectors for a total of 40 pins for the interconnection), be sure to change the male connector pins to square style ones instead of the original round pins. The original round pins don't provide enough mating surface area to ensure reliable current carrying capacity.
    You can order either (5) CM15608 or (4) CM15610 male connectors for a total of 40 pins. See related items below.


  • CFREH10
  • 5A-9066
  • 5792-09066-00
  • 09-52-3082
  • 09-52-3102

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