Capacitor 15000 uF 25v radial snap


Capacitor 15,000 mfd 25 volts radial snap-in leads.

Used in 1989-1995 WPC Power Driver boards to replace capacitors in positions C5, C6, C7, C11, and C30 which often cause game resetting.

Also use as a preferred replacement for C23 filter capacitor (11,700uF 20vdc or 10,000uF 35vdc) on the Bally/Stern 1977-1985 solenoid driver board, which filters power for the 5-volt logic power supply. Replaces obsolete Bally part # E-00586-0062.

Decades old power supply capacitors dry up internally and start to fail causing game resets, lock-up during play, or no boot-up at all.


  • C15KM25VR
  • Replaces Williams 5040-12313-00
  • Replaces Bally E-00586-0062

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