Bally/Gottlieb chime resonator


3D printed Bally / GottliebĀ® chime assembly sound box.
Installation Note! Use white Silicone to seal the top 'lid' to the body of the resonator box before installation. If the box is not sealed, the resonation of the chimes will be sub optimal.


  • C-12013 - Gottlieb resonator box part number
  • C-881 chime sound box
  • A-3293 solenoid bracket
  • P-7341 chime bar A
  • P-7340 chime bar B
  • P-7339 chime bar C
  • P-108-53 chime bracket
  • CC-31-2000 coil
  • A-550-6 plunger

1 oz


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