Flipper rebuild kit Bally 5/80-11/88 triple flipper


Flipper Rebuild kit includes all mechanical components for Bally pinball machine left and right side linear style flipper assemblies on games with 3 flipper units manufactured from May 1980 ROLLING STONES through November 1988 TRUCK STOP (upper flippers)*.

These linear style flipper assemblies have no fiber links connecting the coil plunger to the crank as do conventional flipper mechanisms.

Rebuilds 2 Bally ASE-1587-111 (right side) and (1) ASE-1587-112 (left side) flipper assemblies.

Applies to the following Bally game titles:

--- Date --- Game ---

  • 1980-06 HOTDOGGIN'
  • 1981-02 FLASH GORDON
  • 1981-06 EMBRYON
  • 1981-08 FATHOM
  • 1982-05 MR. & MRS. PAC MAN
  • 1986-03 LADY LUCK
  • 1987-10 DUNGEONS & DRAGONS
  • 1984-02 X's & O's
  • 1985-11 BEAT THE CLOCK


    • ASE-1587-111 right side flipper assembly
    • ASE-1587-112 left side flipper assembly
    • AC70-00022-0200 left side single switch flipper assembly
    • AC70-00023-0100 right side double switch flipper assembly
    • AC70-00023-0200 left side double switch flipper assembly

      *NOTE: EIGHT BALL CHAMP is the only game from that does not use this linear flipper assembly.

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