TWILIGHT ZONE (Bally) Trough sensor upgrade


Upgraded version of Bally TWILIGHT ZONE pinball machine trough ball proximity sensor kit

The TWILIGHT ZONE Trough Proximity Board improves upon the factory sensor board. It features a precision 20 turn adjustment potentiometer and increased sensitivity range from contact up to 1/4" distance. It comes as a kit with the sensor coil, switch interface board, fasteners (rivets and screws) to swap the coil bracket and instructions.

Ships un-assembled.


  • A-16533 circuit and coil board and bracket assembly
  • A-16534 proximity opto sensor circuit board assembly
  • A-16528 trough coil circuit board assembly
  • A-16393 coil
  • 01-11344 bracket ball sensor
  • 07-6688-18N (2) rivet 3/16 x 1/8 nickel (substitute nut & bolt)
  • A-16528 coil trough
  • 5768-13502-02 pcb-trough coil
  • 5791-12548-03 connector 3h r/a lck sq .100
  • TWILIGHT ZONE Trough Proximity Detector (repairs 'Switch 26' error code)

2 oz

NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE. Listed for reference.