JUDGE DREDD (Bally) Drop target board 5


This is the newly redesigned 5 bank drop target Opto Sensor Board used on the Bally JUDGE DREDD pinball machine.


  • Lower current usage and heat generation
  • Larger traces and pads for better reliability and longevity
  • Stiffer board reduces vibration failures
  • Visual status LEDs added for each switch position, as well as for the IR (infra red) chain.

    The drop targets on the Bally JUDGE DREDD pinball machine are difficult to keep working properly. They get dirty and sticky over time. This may lead to some drop targets not dropping down completely. With the original board, this may cause the game to not register the target until it completely drops. Since the drop targets are crucial to the game play, a sticky switch can cause major player frustration.

    With this redesigned board, the switch locations have been moved to trigger nearly 1/4 of an inch sooner than the original board. Should a drop target fail to drop completely, it should still trigger the switch and register during game play.


  • A-16947 drop target assembly
  • A-16486 drop target opto board assembly
  • 5490-13341-00 opto sensor

2.35 oz

Product Discontinued

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