REVENGE FROM MARS (Bally) drop target USE A-15211


Bally REVENGE FROM MARS pinball machine 1 bank drop target assembly includes bracket, solenoid, relay, drop target, cable and switch .


  • A-15211-1
  • 03-8750 flush drop target
  • A-14617 bracket and post assembly
  • A-11397 drop target stop bracket
  • AE1-26-1200 coil
  • A-11388-2 plunger and reset plate
  • 03-8034 single target stop
  • 5647-12693-31 sub mini micro switch
  • 01-8647-R actuator
  • A-15209 frame and eyelet assembly
  • SM1-26-600 coil/relay

1 lb

Product Discontinued

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