MACHINE (Williams) Face cube set


Williams THE MACHINE: BRIDE OF PINBOT pinball machine face cube set with 4 Bride of Pinbot faces.

Silkscreen printed with 9-color ink on original 3/16 inch thick acrylic.

Includes four faces assembled with new, clear ball guide rails.

Replacement face panels mount to your existing rotating face-cube assembly.

This new design also eliminates the need for the metal back-plates and their mounting holes.

The new mouth and eye holes are made of tough, high-impact outdoor acrylic.

The smooth edges, won't chip or scrape the ball.


  • A-14121 Face assembly
  • A-14130
  • A-14131
  • A-14132
  • A-14133

Installation Note:

  • Acrylic plastics (as with the originals) cannot be squeezed, so do not over-tighten mounting screws when attaching the new faces to the cube assembly.

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