CD-ROM Stern 2005 Archive

2005 Disc 1 includes: Service Game Manuals (with all schematics & appendixes!) for:

    The manuals have more detailed color pictures and active linking between files and our website! Disc 1 also includes a lot of bonus game photos & playfield drawings! View individual page-by-page parts for these games on-line.

    Latest Disc 2 includes:
  • Separate Schematic Files (full size) (schematics are also in manuals as they would appear in hard copy)
  • Service Bulletins up through the lastest one (at time of CD-R burn)
  • Pinball Game Binary Code (Laser War through current Production Games)
  • Coin Cards (USA, Euro, UK and others!)
  • Pinball Instruction cards (almost all Data East and all SEGA & SPI games are included!)
  • Coin Mech info (SR3 & C120)
  • The latest ToPS™ installation manual with all current updates and more!

    Both CD-Rs will auto open into your default browser (offline) for easy navigation to find the files you need.

    CD-ROM ToPS™ is STERN Part Number 970-5011-01 (included in ToPS™ Kit 502-5011-00!)
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